Easter Day

Easter is a Christian holiday revering the crucifiction and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebrations usually start on Palm Sunday, which is the Sunday that begins the Holy Week. The Easter Week starts the following Sunday, which is called Easter Day or Easter Sunday. Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day. Easter holiday in Finland usually starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday.

In Finland, as in many countries, Easter is also a celebration of the spring, and Easter rituals symbolise nature in the spring time. These symbols include yellow daffodils, willow catkins, rabbits, chicks and eggs. There are many traditions that involve children, such as planting a tray of Easter grass, painting eggs, and eating chocolate eggs. Eggs are known as the symbol of fertility. On Palm Sunday, children also traditionally dress up as witches and walk around the neighbourhood with willow branches, knocking on people's doors and wishing them happiness for the coming year. In return, they usually receive sweets, coins or small toys.

In addition to chocolate eggs, Finnish Easter food includes specialties like "mämmi", a dark malt pudding
, which is made at home or bought in a shop, and had with cream and sugar.