Swedish for Health Care Personnel

Vårdsvenska offers information and tools for health care personnel who are interested in learning Swedish. Besides language training, we offer you information and tools for employment search, information about Finland and networking.

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Learning and practising Swedish can be fun!

Online crossword, hangman, interactive exercises on vocabularylistening comprehension, text comprehension and pictures and our new flash game will teach you the words in Swedish which you will need working as a nurse in Finland.


The networking possibilities include links and information about what you need to know when you move to Finland - visas, cultural tips, general information about Finland, contact details for tax offices, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland,  unions for the health care industry, health care institutes and senior care homes and much more. All the information is available in Swedish, English, Finnish and Russian.

You can register as a user, open up your profile as an active employment seeker, make a CV online and send it straight through our site to any of the health care institutes in our database with just a click. The employer database contains contact details of thousands of potential employers in the field of health care in Finland. Health care institutes can also contact you directly via our job announcement area.

A forum for posting messages, questions and communicating with other users of the site is also available.


On our Swedish online course pages, you can read about Swedish grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary in four languages, and work online with vocabulary and grammar exercises, reading and comprehension, hundreds of picture exercises, and print paper versions of the material. As a registered user, the program recognizes your progress and will keep a log of your achievements.

The material online is categorised in 5 levels from elementary to advanced.The exercises are available in Swedish, English, Finnish and Russian.

The "elderly care game" is a ten level interactive vocabulary and comprehension game. After you complete one level, the following level will open. Upon completion of the last level, you will be able to print a certificate that confirms that you have completed the program. This will then entitle you to attend an intensive course in conversational Swedish in Helsinki for free.

In addition to the exercises, you can peruse vocabulary related to the health care field in the Vårdsvenska dictionary.


The material area contains the self-study online material, pronunciation and grammar explanations, downloadable vocabulary and grammar exercises, links and information about Finland, the Finnish culture and other relevant things you need to know when moving to Finland. You can download a comprehensive image gallery, as well as glossaries on many different subject areas in the health care field, as well as every-day life.