Empowering Disadvantaged Women - Project update!

The project is in the final stages. The Work Packages are almost complete, material has been translated in to partners languages and finalisation and pilot testing are underway. Partners are currently planning Multiplier Events, these will take place in each partnering country following completion of the Work Packages.

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Empowering Disadvantaged Women

🌸 Empowerment Unleashed: Join us in making a difference!

🌟 Today, we're thrilled to introduce a powerful initiative dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women.

🤝✨ Download our insightful PDF guide as we embark on a journey of transformation, strength, and upliftment.

Together, we can create positive change! 💪💙

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Swedish for beginners

A "real-time" blog about a student learning Swedish from the beginning. The student started his "Swedish for beginners" course in April 2011. You can follow his progress in this blog where the student writes comments about the teaching, what he learned and the material used. The teacher also fills in comments throughout the course. All the material used during the course is downloadable in the material section of the blog. This is an excellent site with additional information for people who are studying on their own and wish to find out how private tuition can be done when learning Swedish. The blog is written in English.