Vårdsvenska competition - win a health care dictionary!

Meet Learnwell at the Educa Fair in Helsinki on 27-28 January! Stop by our booth 3n44 to see what's new and to enter our ** Vårdsvenska contest to win a health care dictionary! ** Play the game at our booth or download a free game to your Android/iPhone, leave your e-mail address and you are in the draw for the dictionary!

Come enter the contest and learn more about Vårdsvenska and our other educational projects and services. Register now http://web.finnexpo.fi/Sites1/Educa/Sivut/default.aspx

Press Conference for Vårdsvenska Project

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland organises a press conference on Thursday 19 January at 11 am on their premises in Helsinki at Simonkatu 8 A, 5th floor, in order to launch the new website Vårdsvenska (www.vardsvenska.fi), mainly intended for Russian nursing personnel living in Finland for practicing the Swedish language in an easy and fun way.

Also a mobile application called Health Lingo will be launched at the conference. With this application, you can practice your language skills in the form of a simple game.

In the press conference, the functions of website and the mobile application will be introduced, as well as the project idea.

Present at the press conference:

Veronica Granö-Suomalainen, Education Ombudsman, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
Sonja Ollas-Airinen
, Project Ombudsman, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
Veronica Gelfgren, Managing Director, Learnwell Oy
Bianca Biro, Project Coordinator, Learnwell Oy
Marja-Liisa Helenius, Finnish translations, Learnwell Oy
Yulia Bazyukina, Russian translations, Learnwell Oy
Niko Viitala, IT, Learnwell Oy

Questions? Please contact the Press Officer:

Henric Öhman s-posti: henric.ohman@kulturfonden.fi puh. 040-5677363

Health Lingo

Our new iPhone / iPad application is now ready to download from Appstore. With our free Health Lingo game, you can practice all the vocabulary whereever you are without being hooked up to the Internet.

Android version published in December 2011.