ECOffee Consumers – Creating conscious coffee consumers with sustainable habits for enhancing the sustainable coffee industry

Project Duration: 2022-2024

This 2 years project aims to develop innovative educational methods to promote sustainable coffee consumption habits to adults along with a manual for cafeteria owners/employees/adult educators that will support them in utilising these educational methods for raising awareness in sustainable coffee consumption.

In particular, the project aims to educate coffee consumers on how to turn to sustainable coffee consumption and provide pathways in obtaining knowledge and skills related to the aforementioned area of interest. Additionally, the project will incentivise the coffee consumers to prefer ECOffee cafeterias since people and especially millennials turn to more sustainable ways of life. Therefore, the cafeterias will benefit by joining the partnership and at the same time contribute to:
[1] reducing waste and
[2] promoting green jobs for the less advantaged percentage of the population

The project aims to provide significant high environmental, social and economic benefits by promoting and enhancing sustainable coffee consumption. The project, to the best of our knowledge, will be a pioneer in the European territory, which will provide means of education to the coffee consumers towards more sustainable/environmentally friendly habits while at the same time establish a comprehensive network of ECOffee cafeterias from which the consumers can visit to enjoy their sustainable coffee.

The following objectives are set:

  1. Training coffee consumers towards sustainable habits and provide incentives to follow such profile

  2. Enhancing cafeteria owners & adult educators portfolio with a unique guide on how to train coffee consumers to obtain a sustainable consumption profile

  3. Offering an easy, accessible educational material & methods in the form of open educational resources & ready to use material for cafeteria owners,coffee shop employees & adult trainers

The project results and outcomes will be:

  1. ECOffee Sustainable Cafeterias Cluster

  2. ECOffee video tutorials

  3. ECOffee e-Guidebook for cafeteria owners & trainers

  4. ECOffee Smartphone application

The applicant country is Hungary. Partners are Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal & Slovenia. 

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The project is financed by Erasmus+ KA2: 2022-1-HU01-KA220-ADU-000085720