Negations and negative expressions have a very important role in Swedish, but are also very easy to learn. You just insert the word "inte". If the word order is straight (noun/pronoun + verb), "inte" is to be inserted after the conjugated verb. In compound tenses, "inte" comes between the auxiliary and the main verb
Jag studerar svenska. (I am studying Swedish)
Jag studerar inte svenska. ( I am not studying Swedish)
Jag har inte studerat svenska. (I have not studied Swedish)
If the word order is reversed, (verb + noun/pronoun) in a question for example, "inte" is to be inserted after the noun.
Gör han det? (Is he doing that?)
Gör han inte det? (Isn't he doing that?)
Har han inte gjort det? (Has he not done that?)

Practice negations here. Choose picture exercise level 1, adverbs, nekande satser. Look at the picture and choose the correct negative sentence.