Designing the Future

Project Duration: 2022-2024

In this unpredictable world, the pandemic became a great chance to remember and get aware of the skills that students need: decision-making, digital literacy/readiness, creative problem solving, critical thinking and perhaps, above all, ability to adapt.
Adaptability must be built into our educational systems in order to ensure that those skills remain a priority for all students. Particularly, in the 21st century we aim to grow a generation that produces technology rather than consuming it by spreading the different dimensions of technology and raising awareness to digital literacy/readiness with our project. 

At the same time, we aim to enhance the way children can gain a scientific perspective on problem solving and raise creative and self-esteemed pupils with analytical thinking skills. The lack of qualified tutors in schools is the biggest obstacle in digital literacy/readiness, coding and 3D printing.

With our project we desire to raise awareness regarding the importance of digital literacy/readiness, coding and 3D printer usage in education for teachers, students aged 12-16, parents, curriculum providers, decision makers, Ministry of Education, universities and NGOs.

We all need to: enhance our 21 st century skills; gain lifelong skills; enrich curricula; reshape strategies and techniques in teaching-learning process; raise qualified generations for future employment; add EU value and quality to our organisations; increase academic success; develop creativity, communication and team-work skills; exchange good samples in digital literacy/readiness, coding and 3D implementation at international level.


We want to expand awareness of all kinds of personal, professional, general skills in all partner organisations and technology professionals working in the field of information to improve their level of knowledge, by

  • Providing professional training with the support of our university and training centre experts to acquire high quality technology skills and competencies.
  • Enriching the participants’ teaching practices and expanding the diffusion network
  • Increasing the level of knowledge and skills on digital literacy/readiness with coding and 3D printer implementations on children age of 12-16.
  • Involving national and international projects with coding and 3D printer productions. 
  • Producing creative and innovative ideas/implementations with coding and 3D printers. 
  • Providing visibility of our organisations on a local, regional and international scale. 
  • Creating various educational materials and our production result of the project.

The applicant country is Poland. Partners are Portugal University, Finland, Turkey and Italy training centres, Turkey Yeşilsu VET school and Estonia.

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The project is financed by Erasmus+ KA2: 2021-2-PL01-KA220-SCH-000049796