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 The Language Menu project

"Our  vision: Free tools and materials for teachers globally"

The Language Menu project started as a very small scale website for our company when we wanted to create some bilingual crosswords for our students and asked our IT support to help us make a tool for this.

Within a year we had asked him to make more tools for the site, and we decided to add several languages and pictures to the database.

These days The Language Menu website is used by over 20 000 teachers from over 100 countries. The site contains more than 4000 pictures and 18 tools of which 11 are possible to use for bilingual worksheets. We have 35 languages in the database and this means you can make worksheets in over 2300 language combinations.

Funding was received for the language additions of Danish and Norwegian from The Finnish-Danish foundation and The Finnish-Norwegian foundation . The Swedish proofreading of the database was also supported by The Swedish cultural foundation.

You can download the pictures and use them in your own material, download ready worksheets, material packages, flash cards, crosswords, browse hundreds of links for teaching material/ideas in different languages.

The toolsBingo generator, Board game generator, Categories generator, Crossword puzzle generator, Fill in the blank generator, Flash card and domino generator, Framework generatorLabel the pictures generator, Lines generator, Matching exercise generator, Money count generator, Multiple choice generator, Missing words generator, Split words generatorScrambled sentences generator, True or False generator, Word spiral generator, Word search generator