Finland - a stable welfare state

Finland is located in northern Europe and shares land borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. The Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden have a special autonomy arrangement while remaining under Finnish sovereignty.

  • The capital is Helsinki, with about 1 million inhabitants within the region.
  • A population of about 5,3 million people.
  • A member of the EU 1.1.1995
  • The currency is € Euro

Finland is a parliamentary republic ruled by a multi-party system. The legislative power lies with Parliament and the ultimate executive power lies with the President in conjunction with a government which has the support of Parliament. The unicameral parliament has 200 seats to which representatives are chosen every 4 years by direct election. The president is chosen by a direct election every 6 years with a limit of 2 terms of office.

Finland is a welfare state with the aim of securing its inhabitants equal opportunities for a good life and the most efficient use of its resources. A large number of the services available are provided for by the State and by the municipalities, for example health care, education, child day care, services for the elderly and basic support for the unemployed. The citizens can enjoy these services throughout their lives.