An EU funded project within Leonardo Da Vinci 2010-2012
Partners: Finland, Italy (coordinator), Germany, Bulgaria

The project business_mail addresses the needs of marketing/sales personnel of small enterprises (SE) having or wishing to establish business contacts with foreign partners. Staff in charge of business communication in SEs do not usually have adequate skills in terms of practical knowledge of a foreign language or intercultural competence needed to establish and maintain business contacts. Very few of these firms can afford to employ professional import/export staff, in most cases these tasks are taken by personnel not properly trained. Language schools offer mostly general foreign language courses; tailor-made courses for businesses are few, expensive and usually inaccessible to personnel of SEs: the courses organised at work place are usually run for larger enterprises. A busy schedule of work in SEs usually excludes their staff from participation in on-site courses at language schools, which require regular attendance over a long period of time. 

The business_mail project involving foreign language teachers, intercultural/ communication skills trainers and e-learning experts develops appropriate measures to address the above situation through: 
- setting up an e-learning platform for the design and delivery of foreign language business courses
- designing a set of on-line modules aimed at teaching foreign business language and communication skills answering the identified communication problems 
- delivery of a pilot on-line course in English business correspondence to a group of employees of SEs representing all the partner countries. 

The final product of the project will be a validated on-line course in English business correspondence covering the actual communication problems encountered in import/ export practice of SEs.

Website business_mail