Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías


An EU funded project within Leonardo Da Vinci 2011-2013
Partners: Finland, Italy, Spain (coordinator), Romania, Latvia

Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías (SLNT) is an international project in the educational sphere involving partners from Spain, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Finland. The project focuses on second language teaching; its main objective is creating an adaptation of the European Language Portfolio to the environment of second language teaching in formal settings. Thus, the project aims at:

• introducing an innovative way to work in the field of Second Language Teaching
• providing teachers with teaching base
• preparing materials tailored to students’ characteristics
• enhancing the aspects of enrichment of different cultures by facilitating the learning of second languages.
• promoting intercultural dialogue
• facilitating the access of immigrants to new technologies
• facilitating learning a second language as a means of integrating personal, social and cultural development
• providing job placement: motivating and advising to the difficulties in the labor market
• promoting implementation of future collaborative projects between the different institutions involved in this project.
The SLNT project addresses intercultural problems and intends to give adult immigrants the full assurance
that learning a second language is entirely possible and prevent them from social isolation by creating
virtual learning community, promoting integration, social advancement and employment.