Etiquette - respect - privacy

When meeting with an older client / patient you need to show respect  especially in the beginning, by using the title Mr, Mrs, Ms in front of the person's name in your communications. When the care relationship develops, it is possible that the client / patient wishes to switch to using the informal you form and first name. The staff often know the clients well and have already built up a more informal relationship.

When you go on home visits to an elderly client / patient, you show respect by taking off your shoes and also your hat or cap. When you greet your client, take their hand and look into their eyes. Introduce yourself. The home is the older client / patient's personal turf, which means that you need permission to enter on this territory.

In the care of older people who need help with their personal hygiene, it is often necessary to enter the patient's intimate territory. You can show sensitivity by always preparing and telling your patient / client about what you are about to do.