Finnish food culture 

The most distinguished Finnish bread is the "Rågbröd" which means rye bread. It is leavened bread made of bolted rye meal, without any yeast at all. It is delicious and can be eaten with just butter on the top or with cold cuts, cheese, etc.

Sausages are probably one of the most popular food items available. It is also a very popular dish in the summer when you have been in the sauna and lake. It is very common to barbeque afterwards, grilling all types of sausages to be enjoyed with a cold beer or cider.

Salmon, herring, smoked reindeer, meatballs and potatoes prepared in every way imaginable are also Finnish delicacies. Crayfish parties are held between August and September and it is a tradition particularly within the Finno-Swedish community.

Finland also enjoys "Everyman's right" which means the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. You are allowed to harvest wild berries and mushrooms anywhere that is not considered private property. The Finnish nature is abundant with its gifts.

You may also fish and hunt in specifically designated areas, but this does require a licence.