An exclamation can be a word that is not conjugable. Exclamative words can also be seen as independent sentences. The word is always followed by a punctuation mark. Exclamative words are interjections.

Examples: Aj!, Oh!, Usch!,Tjoho! Pang! Fasiken! Suck! (Auch! Oh! Ugh! Uhh! Bam! Damn! Sigh!)

Words used to reply with, such as "ja", "jo" (yes, yeah) and "nej" (no) as well as greetings and parting words, such as "hej" and "adjö", are also exclamations. There are also words which, when uttered, simultaneously signify the completion of an action, for example "Tack" (Thanks!) or "Grattis!" (Congratulations!). These are also considered exclamations.
There are also onomatopoeic exclamative words, such as pang! and plask! (Bam! and Splash!). Among them are also words that imitate animal sounds, such as meow, moo, quack, woof and murr.
Words from other word classes can be put together so that together they function as exclamations.

Example: Milda makter!, Sjutton också! (Good Lord! Dammit!)
These word groups are called secondary exclamations.