Verb mind maps

Through the mind maps you can get an overview of how some of the basic verbs can be used together with prepositions and as reflexive verbs. These verbs are also used in idiomatic expressions, sayings etc. 
Printable exercises can be downloaded from the download section- grammar exercises.

Att ge= to give
Att gå= to go, walk
Att ta= to take
Att slå= to hit
Att dra= to pull
Att stå = to stand
Att föra= to take (somewhere)
Att göra = to do
Att hålla = to hold
Att falla= to fall
Att komma= to come
Att känna = to feel
Att lägga= to lay(down), to place (flat on a surface)
Att ställa = to put, place (upright)
At sätta = to put, place

You can practice verbs online in the exercise section under both vocabulary and picture exercises.